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   Agro-Biotechnology (AG)

     Research interests are mainly on herbs and medicinal plants.  Ongoing studies have been focused on bioactive compound isolation, identification, and large scale production.  Selected plant species are being studied for suitable micropropagation techniques, artificial culture, and potential field-trial.

     Additional topics are molecular studies of medicinal plants, and aquatic species using as feeds.

     Examples of research topics are:

*       Bioactive compounds from medicinal plants: propagation, field-trial, purification processes

*       Micropropagation of ornamental or medicinal plants

*       Biodegradable molluscicide

*       Plant growth regulator, focusing on gibberellic acid

*       Agricultural chemistry, focusing on trace elements for plant growth and development

   Antibody Production (AB)

     Antibody production laboratory has recently become the Antibody Production Research Unit, granted by Chulalongkorn University.

     Our research has been focusing on the production of monoclonal antibodies against residues in foods.  The obtained antibodies are then used to develop enzyme-linked immunosorbant assay (ELISA) and immuno-chromatographic (IC) test kits.

     Current residues of interest are nitrofuran metabolites (AOZ, AMOZ, AHD and SEM), fluoroquinolones (norfloxacin and enrofloxacin), agonists (clenbuterol, salbutamol and ractopamine), nitroimidazoles and progesterone.

     Examples of research topics are:

*       Hybridoma technology: production of antibody against residues in foods

*       Test kits development

   Food Biotechnology (FD)

     Our research attentions are involving study and development of food production processes, from either local agricultural materials or industrial byproducts.

     Examples of research topics are:

*      Food seasonings from agricultural/industrial byproducts

*      Seasoning sauce that was produced from mung bean protein byproduct from mung bean thread production plants, an alternative to chemically derived seasoning product which has been reported to contain 3-MCPD compound left over from the process.

*      Consumable oils and substances from edible plants

*      Nutritional composites and starch properties of china chestnut found in Thailand

*      Single cell proteins from yeast Hansenula spp.

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   Fermentation Technology (FM)

     Our research has been concentrated on the development of novel bioprocesses for economical production of high-value products from locally available agricultural commodities.

     Our recent and ongoing research projects include ethanol fermentation from fungi or yeast, and fermentation process development for the production of bioplastic precursors, including L-lactic acid and polyhydroxyalkanoates, using genetic/metabolic/ process engineering strategies.

     Examples of research topics are:

*       Ethanol production from agricultural residues by fungi or yeast

*       Dehydration of ethanol using sodium alumina zeolite membrane

*       Bioplastic precursors from locally available agricultural commodities

*       L-lactic acid fermentation by filamentous fungi: strain improvement, bioreactor design/control, product recovery

*       Polyhydroxyalkanoate: process scale up

*       Bioinsecticides from microbial sources

*       Screening of bioinsecticidal microorganisms

*       Factors affecting the production of insecticidal substances by Streptomyces spp.

Industrial Research and Development Unit

    The Industrial Research and Development Unit has been founded to serve as an intermediary between laboratories and commercial applications of research products.  Earlier studied topics which have been finalized to be marketable products are:

    CuGibbs: an instant granulated or tablet product formulated with plant growth regulator;

CuTraceE: easily dissolved plant mineral and trace element supplements;

CuOne: biodegradable molluscicides formulated with extracts of bioactive compounds; etc.


Research Personnel

(listed alphabetically by First name)

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Anumart Buakeaw

Aphichart Karnchanatat

Atchara Sujitwanit

Chanya Chaichareonpong

Kittinan Komolpis

Maliwan Janyawanichakul

Nanthika Khongchareonporn (Panchan)

Nuttha Thongchul

Petcharut Chuntaratin

Sarintip Sooksai (Anamnart)

Siriluk Teeradakorn

Songchan Puthong

Umaporn Pimpitak

Vassana Tolieng
















Research Assistants:

Jiraporn Piluk

Parisara (Apiradee) Chunthong

Sajee Noitang

Weradej Sukaead


*Research group(s) assigned to each personnel, is/are not definite.  It is only a guideline for which an individual has been involving with the most.



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Graduate Study

Thesis and Dissertation

     IBGE offers research trainings as part of thesis/dissertation fulfillments, through graduate degree programs in Biotechnology in cooperation with the Faculty of Sciences, Chulalongkorn University.

     Prospective students interesting in training and conducting research topics, offered by IBGE researchers, can contact researchers of your interests for information about possible projects to be proposed.

     Alternatively, interested students can follow announcements from the Graduate School about program enrollments, and of which research topics would be offered that year.

     Financial assistances to registered, actively-participated students are available through research assistantships, however, the number are limited.

     More funding opportunities are teaching assistantships arranged by the graduate programs.  The Graduate School has information about various forms of financial aids, including research scholarships or fellowships.  Some are available to students as soon as they are registered, while others are granted after the students successfully defending their research proposals.

     Lists of thesis and dissertation titles of graduates, whom had been trained under the supervisions of IBGE research personnel, are available on IBGE Theses & Dissertations page.






     To search for other titles of your interest, available in Chulalongkorn University Library, go to Center of Academic Resources, Chulalongkorn University.


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Technical Services

Certain types of scientific analytical services are available for academic purposes to graduate students and researchers from research or educational institutes, including those from government and private organizations.  Discrete nominal fee may apply.  Available services are:

*       CHNS quantification using NA2000 analyzer

*       Nitrogen quantification

*       CHNS quantification

* Contact IBGE for specific rate, sample preparation, or other services that might be available for you, on a pre-arrangement basis.


Research Facilities

Several kinds of small and large scale research facilities, housed in IBGE, are available for short-term uses by graduate students, researchers, or technical employee of Chulalongkorn University or from other organizations.  Utility charges may apply for using certain types of instruments.


Available instruments are fermentors having capacity ranging from 5 Liters to 300 Liters.

Other laboratory facilities may be available upon arrangement.  Please contact IBGE for availability, scheduling, specific rate and queries.

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